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Hello! Welcome to The Tool Scout. Here, you will find reviews, advice, and other information for all your home improvement project needs. From small home improvements to major construction efforts, you need to put thought into all the projects that you take on – and put thought into all the tools that you add to your toolbox.

Fortunately, we can help you with that. 

There is no reason that you should ever feel lost, because equipping yourself with the knowledge and guidance that we have to offer, you can handle any tool with absolute confidence and get down to work when it's time to take on the most difficult of DIY jobs.

 The Right Tools For The Right Job

As professional contractors, it's often said that you need "the right tools for the right job." This is a phrase that has taken on multiple meanings, describing our abstract capabilities as well as the real-world, in-hand tools that we use for our projects, for building things and improving them. 

Our team of professionals at The Tool Scout have dedicated a lifelong pursuit of excellence in our individual fields, and when you visit The Tool Scout, you are getting the benefit of decades worth of experience and expertise. If you are like us, then you want to know exactly what you are getting into long before you pick up a tool or lay out your fasteners. You want to feel informed going into your projects, like the work itself is a formality – because of all the effort that you have put into your education and preparations.

 Our Background

Our team of contractors and engineers have done extensive work in the construction industry, overseeing a wide range of jobs. As you can imagine, we have all seen projects on both ends of the spectrum – the well-executed down to the not-so-well-executed. We have also seen tools that even many experts have never heard of, holding them in my hands and seeing what works best in every situation. The more complex a job is, the more certain you need to be about the tools that you intend you make use of.

That's where our team at The Tool Scout come in offering expert advice to others in need, we strive for clarity at all times, and it is always our number-one priority to set you up for success.

Throughout the course of our storied careers, we have all traveled extensively all around the globe working on a diverse range of projects in some amazing locations. While the construction works may change from one country to another, the fundamentals of any task within any chosen field generally remain the same.

And one thing that is most-certainly true no matter the location, this the old saying that "a tradesman is only as good as his tools", which is still a given. Anyone who has spent as much time as we have around tools (and around tradesmen and the construction industry) can confirm that for you.

Meet The Team

Meet the minds that craft the content that over 100,000 DIY enthusiasts read on a daily basis. 

Bio Image Michael McDonnell

CEO founder

Michael McDonnell

With over 10 years of experience working in the HVAC industry, Michael brings proven knowledge to those seeking to up their HVAC skills. 


Patrick Mullens

As an electrical engineer and former construction foreman for major international building projects, Patrick skill set is very versatile.

Bio Image Ray Nelson

advisor & editor

Ray Nelson

Ray has literally seen it all within the building industry as a qualified carpenter. There's not much he hasn't seen over his 30 year career.